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The Creepier Side of Care: Why You May Be obliged to Look into Location Tracking Devices for the Elderly
Tim Ingram
January 25, 2019
Alzheimer's, Safety
In 2018, around 2.7 million Americans were living with Alzheimer's disease.
In fact, one in 10 people over 65 gets disease. Seniors without dementia likewise face many challenges.
Falls, illnesses, mobility challenges and other obstacles to daily living can have serious implications.
Read on to learn an individual may in order to be use tracking devices on your loved another one. Then review our curated report on five with the best GPS tracking devices you can select from.
Why Use Tracking Devices for Elderly
Being a caregiver could be exhausting. But so can being a concerned in comparison that doesn't have access towards aging 1 each day.
Here are three crucial sides why you might consider a new tracking device for your elderly 1.
Memory Loss
Both Alzheimer's and dementia can rob an adult from the basic, routine familiarity she or she once enjoyed.
These illnesses can erase even basic memories make sure that finding one's own room, house or bathroom can become monumental tasks.
Disorientation and confusion get serious latest results for those with Alzheimer's or dementia. Or even she could walk into dangerous situations, be dressed inappropriately for your weather and be ill, or get used up.
GPS tracking devices worn as necklaces, bracelets or embedded into GPS phone apps might keep associated with wandering baby boomers.
Many apps such as track my iPhone in order to to set safe ranges. If your elderly relative wanders outside the hands down parameters, you'll an instant notification.
These tracking devices aid elderly maintain a sense of freedom while cherished ones members take pleasure in peace of mind.
In Case of Accidents
The best GPS tracking devices are equipped with an emergency button or call ingredient. If your a single suffers a fall, can't get coming from bed or becomes suddenly ill, he or she can push control button and alert you or paramedics.
Make sure you understand the ways you can prevent injuries for your friend with fall precautions.
To Guard Against Neglect
An unfortunate but all too common reason you might want a tracking device to make the loved one is to ensure adequate healthcare.
We'd hate to feel like the nursing home or in-home caregiver is neglecting your loved one, but it does happen. And it has better to be vigilant.
A GPS tracker allow you determine your a single is getting the walks and day trips he or she is meant to be getting.
If a care provider gives you' weekly schedule and look at that the particular one you sits in their or her room all day, you'll be able to can take decisive experience.
Top GPS Tracking Devices
Now that we've covered the a lot of reasons why you may want a tracking device for your senior loved one, stay with me for the top 5 tracking apps and devices you choose provided by.
1. Senior Safety App
This app can be downloaded in order to your household's smartphone. It appears with geo-fencing so hand calculators set safe boundaries for elderly relative.
The GPS feature allows you to see exactly where your 1 is while still allowing them the liberty to be independent. Users can reach emergency contacts with a push to a button as you desire.
The app sends you an alert if your loved one falls, is inactive for an extended time period time and so on.
There is a yearly subscription fee of $45. However the features are worth the price of peace of mind.
2. AngelSense
If your special someone doesn't use a smartphone, you would better pick a GPS tracking device as an alternative to an mobile application.
AngelSense is really a special device that is attached to the elderly's shirts or dresses. The device can be removed from caregiver.
The Creepier Side of Care_ Why You May Need to Look into Location Tracking Devices for the Elderly set up is small and discreet yet effective. The best tracking devices and smart collars for cats provides family members with a regular timeline of locations, transit speeds, routes and good deal.
Caregivers will often to hear the sounds the caregiver hears and definitely will use it to advantage in an emergency.
You may use the device to ensure your a single leaves home on time for appointments and provides 24/7 monitoring.
3. Yepzon One
The Yepzon GPS locator refreshes every 10 seconds to permit you know where your loved one is.
Like all GPS tracking devices, have to a battery that require to revitalise. Yet, this device are months between charges. The Fleet Manager's Guide to a Safe Efficient and Compliant Fleet have to have to charge the device more continually.
If you want a GPS tracker that has excellent battery life, this is it.
4. Mindme
Mindme uncomplicated but remains one belonging to the best GPS personal trackers. It comes with two features a burglar alarm and an establishment tracker.
You can wear system as a necklace or can put it in a pocket.
In case of a fall, consumer can alert a Mindme representative for help. Caregivers can set a geo-fence and get alerts if the user travels outside the boundary.
The downside here continually that the user can prefer live in . tracker their own self. Whether by accident or on meaning. The device is powerless if left on the toilet counter.
5. GPS Smart Sole
Wearable GPS tracking products are best household members who live with dementia or Alzheimer's.
The Smart Sole puts GPS tracking into the user's shoes. Using this method there's no device to sling or place.
It's invisible and in order to understand install. Just slide the sole into standard shoes. Should trim the one to fit any running shoes.
You'll need to charge it every three or four days, conversely.
This tracker is great because may refine easily swap it out and stick it in other shoes. Gadget has a map, offers real-time tracking and sends alerts essential.
Final Thoughts
Thanks to read! We hope this short article on the need for tracking devices for a elderly family members was used to you.
Whether you enjoy an app or a wearable device, the goal is just as. Peace of mind for your own family safety for ones elderly relative.
Are you considering in-home care to your own loved model? Check out these 10 questions request before you hire a caregiver.