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- Reason behind finding a web presence: How important can it be to your business to possess a website, and what type of functionality inside your website would you benefit from

- Are you in an industry where having a website is usually recommended being competitive

- These are the questions that should be answered first before venturing into finding a website

Many business people immediately assume they must completely redesign and relaunch a website that isn't attracting visitors or otherwise not converting visitors into buyers, but that is not always the case. A website critique may offer comprehension of a narrow set of potential problems that when fixed improve site traffic, reduce bounce rates, and improve lead and sales conversion.

- Make the benefits of your article obvious by mentioning them immediately

- The first paragraph of your copy should inform your readers the main benefits of your product or service

- What will people get from the business

- What do you have to offer them that is certainly of value

- Why should they bother reading on If you can't answer these questions, rewrite your copy until you can

Mistake 4 - Neglecting to Sell Recurring Income Offers:
I see marketers just promoting 1 time proposes to their prospects all the time. You need to create, inside your system, a recurring income stream. Promoting membership sites is a superb strategy to earn a regular income. If professional seo services is quality you are going to continually earn a residual income stream on a monthly basis. The commissions could be lower, nevertheless they work out to be more profitable over time. 200 X $20 = $4000 per month... each month.

Search engine optimization usually is made up of couple of things. First, you should choose keywords for the site. These are words that customers search for while searching for businesses like yours. You need to place these keywords enough times within your web copy, page title and page description for search engines like yahoo to pick out them up. You shouldn't overdo keyword usage, however, as search engines like yahoo decrease your rank should you "stuff" your website with keywords.