This is what happened when cats were fitted with GPS trackers

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This is what happened when cats were fitted with GPS trackers
Ever wondered what adventures your cat gets up to when you're not around? Of course you have, but it's impossible to know, right? Not for a group of cat owners in Australia, whose pets were fitted with GPS trackers to show their movements. Whether This startup's tiny location tracker gives me peace of mind whenever I travel 're an animal lover or not, the results are pretty fascinating, and have been documented with a series of maps. They showed that some animals went all over the place while others visited specific places (Picture: Central Tablelands Local Land Services) The Central Tablelands Local Land Services in Australia came up with the project to make pet owners aware of what their animals are getting up to. The Smartest Device for Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring of Products , a senior land officer, told Mashable Australia: You always get the comment from owners that their cat doesn't roam. But we thought it was a great visual to show owners where cats go when they don't know where they are, because generally a lot of cats are unrestrained. MORE: Cat gets head stuck in jar, has to be rescued by RSPCA I knew they wouldn't just stay in the backyard, but I was surprised with how far a few of the cats did go.' These Are the Best Tracking Devices for Kids Who Wander : This is why your cat moves their water dish before drinking Some, it turns out, travelled a long way with researchers initially suspecting that long trips were down to data glitches rather than curious cats. Mr Evans said owners were gobsmacked' to see how far their cats actually roamed. One cat was found repeatedly going back to a local school at night possibly going through bins or hunting mice. This one went far off piste (Picture: Central Tablelands Local Land Services) Sadly, it seems like the experiment needs some fine-tuning before we have another excuse to obsess over our pets. The trackers were given to 25 cats but, two months later, only 14 cats were being followed as some trackers were missing and some cats struggled to wear them. But there's loads more data to be collected as some cats wore the tracker for ten days and others just once. Mr Evans said: Some people said when their cat was fitted with the tracker, it would lay flat on the ground, and wouldn't move. Ultimately the welfare of the cat was paramount to what we were doing.'
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