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2) Not keeping your firewall patched. This is pretty much tantamount to paying for an expensive lock on your front door at home and then leaving the keys in the lock--on the outside! And of course if you are going to patch the firewall software, don't forget to patch the underlying operating system, if there is one. Let's keep those software updates and hardware (firmware) current.

Take a look at your website and your tags. What keywords have you used in the title, description and content? Are they general in their nature? If they are then you definitely need to do some research to increase your chances of being found by using something a little more specific.

I immediately called Rob, and informed him of the issue. He said that he used what he "got." After several minutes he stated he had to call Vincent, his partner, and check with him. No one called me back. I called again. Rob's story changed numerous times but the main point was that the front was "blurry" so he sent it to the design team to "fix" it and "redesign" it. At NO time was I called/notified about any changes. I told him that, and he stated that they have so many customers, they can't call them all. He stated it would an extra $100 to Print them again.

Then, adjust the darks and lights. Even if you think your image is already so great and you wouldn't want to mess it up try this - select IMAGE-ADJUST-LEVELS. Three sliders will appear - the first will make your image lighter, another will make it darker, and the last one adjusts the midtones. Adjust on these sliders depending on the image you use. Once you're done, hit CONTROL-Z or EDIT-UNDO MOVE to see your image before the adjustments. It will switch back to the original image. If you hit CTRL-Z or EDIT-UNDO MOVE again, it will toggle back to the image with the level adjustment you just applied. If you like to have fun, go over it again and again! Just don't blame us if you get bored!

Location - You can attend any college that offers online courses and degrees without actually having to live near the college. Many universities offer their courses online, so if you wish to attend a college in Phoenix, Arizona but you live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina you don't have to move all the way out there to take your classes.

Depending on click here of business, prospecting through direct mail can be very precise with almost no wasted expense. Carefully aim your direct mail towards geographic targets (close to your store), demographic targets (people who like to/can afford to shop in stores like yours), and industry related personnel - in the specific markets you serve (such as lawncare, hearing aids, pet supplies, etc.).

8) Not systematically scanning all incoming emails for potentially harmful viruses. Without question, email borne viruses are today the biggest internet security threat. Fortunately, most corporations and large networks have aggressive email virus scanning techniques and methodologies--either deployed in-house or using one of the growing numbers of managed services. Unfortunately, some businesses still don't see the need, thinking that it is sufficient to deploy workstation virus products. Why let the viruses through the front door in the first place?